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I have found some great furnace thermostat recently, I was so impressed by them that I decided to devote a whole page just for these furnace thermostat! I am going to share some tips to help you choose the best furnace thermostat.

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Furnace Thermostat Reviews

Honeywell YTH6320R1001 Wireless Focuspro Thermostat Kit, Programmable Redlink Enabled

WIRELESS FOCUSPRO® THERMOSTAT: Same great features of the FocusPRO® thermostat – now wireless. Installs in minutes. Displays outdoor temperature and humidity.

Product Reviews
  • “Installation was easy.” – Nguyen Mai
  • “With the baby coming, I knew I wanted his room to be the perfect temp all the time.” – K. Berg
  • “The design makes you think that they want it skrewed on a wall, well that’s not why all of us buy it.” – Dali

Lux WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat

The WIN100 is a heating or cooling programmable thermostat for window air conditioners and electric space heaters. It plugs into a normal household receptacle outlet.

Consumer Reports
  • “It works great and was very easy to program.” – Tracey Myers
  • “I can also use this product to energize a space heater in winter and a fan in summer to control ambient temperature.” – J. Schroeder
  • “They maintain the room temperature +- 1 degree even though I lower the central heating temperature to save money.” – Electric Leaf

Honeywell RTH6450D1009 5-1-1-Day Programmable Thermostat

Maximize comfort, reduce household energy use, and save money with the RTH6450D 5-1-1 Programmable Thermostat from Honeywell. Featuring a user-friendly design that lets you program weekdays, …

  • “Very easy to install and easy to program.” – Brenda Anderson
  • “Instructions are very clear and easy to follow.” – Conan
  • “Not an issue for me, but buyer beware.” – Joshua O Lopez

Lux TX9100E 7 Day Universal Programmable Thermostat

About the Lux Thermostats TX9100E Digital Programmable Smart Temp Heating and Cooling Thermostat 7 DayThe Lux Thermostats TX9100E Digital Programmable Smart Temp Heating and Cooling Thermostat 7 Day provides you highquality, energysaving, responsible temperature comfort in your home.

Customer Reviews
  • “Very easy to install and they work great!” – J. Jacob
  • “It was so easy to program and install.” – Ashton Hiatt
  • “Programming was easy and you can change settings 4 times for each day the week, making up to 28 different programming periods per week.” – chartel

Honeywell TH4110D1007 Programmable Thermostat


Product Reviews
  • “Very easy to install and program.” – Thomas McElhatton
  • “For each program, you can set a temperature for wake up time, the day, the evening, and the night.” – Rae Crothers
  • “So far it seems to work, although I don’t really have too many things I’m looking for in a thermostat.” – richf

Honeywell RTH8500D 7-Day Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat

7-Day Touch Screen Thermostat – Easy Touchscreen programming for each day of the week. Compatible with Single Stage Heating and Cooling, Multistage Heating and Cooling, Heating Only, Cooling Only: …

Expert Advice
  • “Works great and was easy to install.” – Kirk
  • “With this feature, once the timed Vacation Hold is over, the thermostat resumes it’s normal programming schedule.” – Camera Shy
  • “The screen is attractive and lights up when you touch it.” – Chris

Honeywell RTH5100B 1025 Deluxe Manual Thermostat

This one-piece Honeywell digital non-programmable thermostat features advanced temperature monitoring to minimize temperature swings ensuring your complete comfort.

Product Reviews
  • “The RTH5100B 1025 was EASY TO INSTALL and is very simple to operate.” – Jennifer J. Johnson
  • “It is easy to read with the large display and the back light.” – Sandra J. Johnson
  • “The new thermostat holds the temperature within .6 degrees (that is point 6 or 2/3 of a degree)–much better and more comfortable.” – C. Sovern

Honeywell  RTH7600D Touchscreen 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Keep your home comfortable and cash in on energy savings with the RTH7600D seven-day programmable touchscreen thermostat from Honeywell (formerly packaged as model number RTH7600B).

Product Comparisons
  • “Works great and very easy to install.” – Kristen Parks
  • “This thermostat had easy to follow installation instructions and was very easy to program.” – Colin Hunt
  • “You can select multiple days at once to program identically, which is a nice feature and saves a bit of time.” – Prodigy79

Lux TX9000TS Touch Screen Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat

Efficient. Easy. Economical. That’s why you’ll love the Lux TX9000TS seven-day programmable thermostat. This clever device gives you complete and accurate temperature control at the touch of a finger. …

Product Ratings
  • “This is a great product, very easy to install and program.” – D. Derge
  • “We love the touch screen and the large temperature display.” – Teamhenry3
  • “Easy to install, wiring directions were clear, and programming instructions were easy to follow.” – Mountaineer

Lux Products TX1500E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat

Reduce your energy costs and protect the environment with the Lux Products TX1500E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat. This easy-to-use device allows you to customize your home’s temperature to meet your comfort level and schedule.

Buyers Guide
  • “Very easy and works great.” – R. Beatty
  • “Installation and wiring was very easy as the included instructions were very clear.” – Alista
  • “Liked large screen that also lights up when buttons pushed – very easy to read.” – F. B. Foster

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